Save the Bees

We here at Haunted Bees like bees, but as fun as spooky ghost bees are, we'd rather have them alive! Bees are in a bit of a crisis right now, and we need to do all we can to save the bees! Below are some links to donation pages for various organizations dedicated to saving the bees. Also if you come across this page while searching for bee facts instead of video games, please let me know how you got here! Several very kind people have thanked me for this page which is great but I don't understand how y'all keep finding it!

And here are some other Bee Resources:

DISCLAIMER: Sean Finch and Haunted Bees Productions are not associated with any of the above organizations and really just typed 'bee donate' into a Search Engine and picked a few of the top results, and then a bunch of people kept finding this page and emailing me saying how helpful it was and then giving me additional links to add to this page. If you would like to suggest an organization to be listed here, please contact me, and if you're one of those aforementioned people who came across this page looking for bee advice, please... tell me how! I'm a video game developer and this is primarily a video game development website and I don't understand how people keep finding this page!! If one of the above organizations is actually super bad and does more harm than good, let me know, too, and I'll take them down. If you're a part of any of the above organizations and don't want your organization listed on this page, contact me and it will be removed.