Smaller Projects

This is the home to all of Haunted Bees' game jam entries, very old games, joke games, and unfinished-but-playable games!

Public Domains: Gacha Game: A mobile RPG that is sort of like a parody of mobile gacha games. Made for April Fools 2019.

Funeral Procession in Space: A morbid space adventure made for the March 2019 Pizza Jam.

Wheel of Slime: Compete with your friends for fantastic prizes which are also slime. Another #classic 'randomly generated people and text-to-speech can be funny' game. Made for the April 2018 Slime Jam.

Epic Retro Zombiecraft Royaleguelike - but also there's farming: A turn-based battle royale humans vs zombies crafting game, with farming. A humor joke for April Fool's Day 2018.

Amicom: An unfinished virtual pet. Raise a baby animal. Play with it. You know how these work.

Quertyfish: An unfinished game where you catch fish by mashing your keyboard frantically.

Story Dungeon: An online version of exquisite corpse.

SF Art Game: An incredibly witty browser game satirizing incredibly witty browser games.

Whack-a-Craft: Whack-a-Mole with RPG elements. The kids love it because it's also a Minecraft fan-game. Mildly amusing, even if you're like me and haven't played Minecraft in 5 years.

bang: A random person generator that tries to make you feel bad. Not as deep as it sounds, and it doesn't sound very deep to begin with.

A Paradox of Biblical Proportions: That Face Edition: A poorly thrown together choose-your-own-adventure story. If you aren't up-to-date on all the hot hot anime, video games, and memes that were relevant in 2008, you probably won't find this very funny! Don't worry, I don't find it very funny, either. Featuring music by Matt Pierce.