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Haunted Bees Productions
Epic Retro Zombiecraft Royaleguelike - but also there's farming!
A very good and very original video game from the creators of Blockara and Crop Drop.

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Abeut the Campaign
Epic Retro Zombiecraft Royaleguelike - but also there's farming! combines the best of every genre that matters into one game that truly is for the #gamers. It takes the best building mechanics from games like Minecraft, the high-stakes battles on a rapidly shrinking map of battle royale games like PUBG, the epic conflict of Zombies vs. Not Zombies, the classic randomized and turn-based mechanics of Rogue, all wrapped in a bad@$$ retro style!

Here's how it works: every player has 20 seconds to choose their next action, and after the timer stops... everyone moves at once! Like Rogue! That's a video game! It's similar to this in such a way that you might call this game a... Rogue-esque.

Throughout your quest you will be able to build, farm, and collect items. But, as the game progresses, a ring of danger will slowly close in on the island. You gotta keep moving if you want to survive!

You can play as a zombie or a human. If you're a human - kill zombies! If you're a zombie - zombify humans! You can also kill your own, if you want. S'whatever.
With an idea as original and ambitious as ours, you might be asking "how will you pull all this off?" Well, the answer is simple. The game's already done*! You can even play it here, assuming the server is running! What we need from YOU is lots of money to pay for our servers, and lots of money for us to develop our lootbox system, which will also cost you money. Backers who pay $100 or more will get one lootbox for free!
--- UPDATE (1APR2018) ---
Unfortunately, we are cancelling development of our game after receiving lawsuits from Mojang, PlayerUnknown, Epic Games, George Romero, the American Farmers Association, Epyx, and the year 1985.

We are sorry to all of our fans and no we will not be issuing refunds to our backers.
But actually
Hi, Haunted Bees Productions here. Hopefully by now you've caught on that this is an April Fool's Day joke. Sort of. The game itself is technically real! I realized April Fool's Day was a thing that might be fun to make a humorous game for... on March 31st. So, obviously, the smart thing to do was to try making my first multiplayer online game in under 24 hours. I mostly failed, but you can witness the failure! As we said in the fake campaign above, this is actually a real thing, but it is very buggy, perhaps slightly broken, and not always active. You can find its source code here so you could in theory host your own server of it if you really wanted to. If you have a group of friends you want to play this with or something (it is terribly unfun when there are only 2 or 3 people playing), feel free to contact us by email or on Twitter and I'll probably whip up the server for y'all!