Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. Introduction
    2. Game Modes
      1. Level Mode
      2. Endless Mode
      3. Rising Mode
  2. Playing the Game
    1. How to Play
      1. Raising and Harvesting Crops
      2. Chains
      3. Weed Whacking
    2. Other Options
      1. About
      2. Garden
      3. Settings
  3. About This Game

Getting Started


Welcome to Crop Drop, a tile-matching puzzle game about vegetables! Your goal is to water and harvest crops to complete level requirements, or just get the high score!

Game Modes

Level Mode

Play through 25 levels (plus a tutorial) harvesting crops with various restrictions and time limits.

Endless Mode

Harvest crops until time runs out. You can get more time by completing shipments or getting big chains and harvests.

Rising Mode

Crops are rising from the bottom of the field! Harvest as many as you can before they overflow out of the field.

Playing the Game

How to Play

Crop Drop has a Tutorial built right into the game (tap the "PLAY - Level Mode" button on the main menu), but if you prefer reading, we've got you covered!

Raising and Harvesting Crops

Crops have several stages of maturity, from "sapling" to "ripe." If two or more ripe crops of the same type are next to each other, they will all be harvested, removing them from the field and giving you points. Tapping an unripe crop will immediately make it ripe, and will make all unripe crops around it mature to their next stage. There are six types of crop:

In Endless and Rising Modes, tomatos, cucumbers, and strawberries are the most common crops, but in Level Mode each level has different crop distributions.


By carefully maturing crops in the right order, you can obtain a chain:

After harvesting the strawberry circled on the left, a ripe cucumber fell down next to another ripe cucumber, which was then immediately harvested, creating a 2-chain. The bigger the chain, the more points you'll get!

Weed Whacking

Tapping the Weed Whacker button will use a weed whacker, if you have any. Rising Mode and some levels in Level Mode will start you out with some weed whackers, but more can be obtained by harvesting larger groups of crops in one harvest or getting big chains.

Using a weed whacker will remove every other crop on the bottom row of the field, starting from the bottom right. You won't get any points for this, but it can be useful if you don't have enough crops of the same type near each other, and could even be used to set up some chains!

Other Options

In addition to the three main game modes (Level, Endless, and Rising), there are three other buttons on the main menu: About, Garden, and Settings.


The About Menu contains the credits and license info for the game.


While playing the game in one of the three main game modes, you may come across bees appearing on crops. If you harvest a crop that has a bee on it, you will receive some pollen. Pollen is retained as you play the game, so don't worry about trying to get a bunch in one playthrough - it adds up!

You can see how much pollen you have in the Garden, and if you have enough, some crops might start growing, too! If you see some crops sprouting, come back in a few hours! Once they are ripe, you can tap them to harvest them and get a special message from one of the bees!


The Settings Menu lets you configure various options for the game.

About This Game

© 2017-2020 Sean Finch - Haunted Bees Productions

Sean Finch (

For full license information, see the readme on GitHub or check the ABOUT section in game.