Lots of websites let you ask questions and get answers. That's pretty helpful. Sometimes it's even funny. But not usually.

That's where Bee Questions comes in. Users post words or phrases that are probably the answer to multiple questions. Then everyone else tries to figure out what those questions are. Lots of questions only have one answer, but very few answers only answer one question!

The goal, first and foremost, is humor. It's unlikely anything else could come from an A&Q format anyway, aside from like a TV game show or something, but I doubt something like that would ever catch on...

How to Do

To simply browse through Bee Questions, you don't need to do anything! Just click around, find the good stuff. All of the hot stuff is going to be on the front page, but you have full access to drill down as far back into the site's history as you want, or view specific answers and questions from individual users.

If you want to contribute, on the other hand, through liking or reporting questions and answers or adding your own, you'll need to log in! Currently, Bee Questions accounts are tied to Facebook accounts, so all you need to do is click the "Log in with Facebook!" button and authorize Facebook to give Bee Questions your basic information!

Bee Questions uses Facebook accounts for registration for many reasons, for both your sake and ours! Nobody wants to remember another username and password, and nobody wants another random website to have their email address. By linking straight to Facebook, the only thing you need to remember about Bee Questions is that it exists!

For us, dealing with all of the logic around creating and managing user accounts is a hassle. Why reinvent the wheel if Facebook already has all that code written? And, even better for all of us, is that Facebook is DEFINITELY more secure than a tiny website like this one. If we stored your passwords here and Bee Questions got compromised, you'd be in trouble, especially if you used the same password here that you do in other places (which is not something you should be doing anyway!!). But if we offload all of that stuff onto Facebook, everything is safely kept over there.

If you don't have a Facebook account, we may end up using other third-party credentials to log in to Bee Questions Contact us with what other providers you'd like us to support! And if you DO have a Facebook account, but are worried about what we'll do with it, see the Privacy Policy section below!

Terms of Service

Bee Questions is not for children, so you can say words like "damn" and "barf," and you will likely see those words, too. The only rule is "don't be a jackass." Attempts have been made to prevent ne'er-do-wells from spamming the site with racial slurs, but technology is not perfect. Any attempts to circumvent the built-in censors or come up with creative new ways to be an asshole will result in termination of your posting privileges.

Harassing other people, either directly or indirectly, is absolutely not tolerated and will also be grounds for account termination. While profanity is allowed, excessively crude or vulgar-for-the-sake-of-it posts will be likely deleted and may be grounds for account termination. By using Bee Questions you agree to use its provided services as intended and in good faith and accept that violating these rules (or any other rules the staff comes up with; this site is a monarchy) is grounds for your posts being deleted and/or your account being banned from the site.

Privacy Policy

Bee Questions doesn't use cookies. It does, however, use StatCounter for analytics, and that DOES use cookies. Check out THEIR Privacy Policy if you're concerned about that.

The only data stored from your Facebook account we use is your name and an authorization token Facebook gives us to verify that you are a valid user. Both of these are stored in our database, but neither are seen by users. Your name will be shown to you, but other users will only see your display name, which you can change on your user page.

If for any reason you do not want your Facebook details stored in our database anymore, please contact us and we will blank out your authorization token and name, leaving only your anonymous shell of an account.


Bee Questions is Free software licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license. The full source code is freely available on GitHub.

Third party assets and their licensing information are listed in the Credits section below.


Sean Finch

Steven Ramsey

GLYPHICONS Halflings by GLYPHICONS is licensed under the MIT License.

Emoji art by EmojiOne is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Facebook PHP SDK by Facebook.

CSS Percentage Circles by André Firchow.