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 Welcome to the OLD WEB.
If you're an old fan of the Haunted Bees from the days of old, read section A. If you're new here, read section B!

A: This is it. This is now the "old Haunted Bees" site, located at haunted bees dot com slash INDEX dot PEE AITCH PEE. Where all the old comics and stuff live! This section of the site will probably get updates, but not any time soon. Sorry bro, but video games. Er, as in I'm MAKING video games, not playing them. Well, both. Whatever. Feel free to contact me on any of the many methods available to you if you have any questions or comments. I know it's just my mom and Bort anyway still reading this stuff though. If you want to see similar and more often-updated content, check out the Haunted Bees tumblr where I'll be posting all news and most comics, my personal deviantArt which will have less news, most comics, and art, or my personal blog which will have all comics and art, plus funny images and whatnot I repost from others.

B: Welcome to the comic and old news archives of Haunted Bees. Nothing here is indicative of current opinions or beliefs so if you see any potty words or anything else, that's the OLD ME. Or it's the current me that I am conveniently ignoring now that I am releasing video games for money and thus have something to lose if people hate me. But having said that, if you're coming from the mostly G-rated world of Blockara and all of my other new projects, then be warned that this section of the site isn't for everyone! Be careful, kids!
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 Changes are Coming
Big changes are coming soon. If the complete lack of updates in over a year now hasn't clued you in, comics currently are not a high priority in my life. I can't promise that'll change after I finish my current project, but I do promise that comics aren't gone for good. For the most part, I'd recommend checking my personal tumblr, the 'haunted bees' tumblr, or my trusty deviantArt if you suspect I'm holding out on you on this site - because the fact is, I probably am.

In a few days this site's going to be going through a radical overhaul (not like the old overhauls where very little actually changed except some speed boosts or whatever), and instead of being a comic site, it'll be a site with a comics section that is mostly just a relic of the past. If you really don't care about anything I do outside of comics, go to and bookmark that or something, because the main page will be changing completely. I can't promise this version of the site will update much, if at all, even if I do make more comics, so I'd recommend checking one of those two tumblrs or deviantArt to get your fix there.

I'm probably making this sound more dramatic than it is, but Haunted Bees (formerly Fü Productions) has been almost strictly webcomic site for almost 12 years now, and it does feel weird to be changing that. Everyone on the internet who thinks I'm cool (all four of you) think I'm cool because of my comics, and I am eternally indebted to all of you for being supportive of my dumb stuff. Please remind me of that if I ever actually become popular with more than 10 people and I let that get to my head. But Haunted Bees is not dead - nay, it's just a new beeginning. One that I hope you all enjoy as much as you enjoyed its previous incarnation.

But in the unlikely event that someone is reading this post between now and Tuesday, I have this to say: if you like puzzle video games, check out the new site when it goes "live" on the 24th, you might like what you see. And to everyone else reading this news post long after it's been pushed from the front page to the back, welcome to the "old" Haunted Bees Productions: home of a bunch of stupid comics.
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 April Fools, I was actually being productive!
Guess what I was actually making video games this whole time, check it out.

Also check it out on the game's tumblr and the twitters for the same shit I say on the tumblr, but in just 12 characters!
Honk Disclaimer: Honk
Hey kids! Remember how I forgot to update this site for 3 months? I will not try to excuse this as anything other than laziness and writer's block. But mostly laziness. However, starting today I will try to get back into the habit of updating this site at least once a week for a while. I drew up a bunch of comics recently which I plan on putting up here over time so I DON'T GIVE YOU TOO MUCH GARBO AT ONCE. And, as a reminder, I have a deviantArt where I upload most of my comics and also any art I make and a tumblr where I upload my comics, art, and unfunny garbo I find from other people or that I make (yesterday I took some pictures of my Zelda game where I named Link "fuck me" and that's gotten over 85 "notes" already! why bother making comics when I can do THAT? AMIRITE??).
Anyway more stuff coming more regularly I'm basically a hero you're welcome k bye.
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